Jumping into July!

Well it's now July and we're nearing the end of the school year. Our 'Little Roos' are very excited to have their summer break which hopefully the sun will keep shining for!

Summer Sandals

If you're off on holiday or just need something for the summer days, don't forget their sandals. Now is a great time to get them as we've got 25% off all summer shoes!

Our Summer Sale Continues!

We've now got up to 50% off all of our summer clothing!

Get their summer wardrobes ready for the holidays with fantastic clothes at amazing prices!

From swimwear to hoodies, we've got everything they'll need for an action packed summer.


We've had some new ranges in this month.

From Beaming Baby we've had some fabulous eco friendly, bio-degradable nappies that have been tried and tested by our newest 'Little Roo'! Our 'Littlest Roo' found that they worked just as well as the leading brands and they're better for the environment too! We've even got some bio-degradable nappy sacks in too so you can pop the used nappy in a nappy sack and be confident that it won't sit on landfill for centuries! Most of the nappy bio-degrades in 4 years and the nappy sacks are fully compostable by 6-9 weeks!

We've also got some of the fabulous organic chamomile shampoo and bodywash from them (which has also been tried and tested by Littlest Roo) and some of the organic baby bottom balm which is great for soothing nappy rash or just using as a moisturiser!

Also from Beaming Baby, we have some of the fabulous Wonderworld baby and toddler toys in stock. These toys are made using sustainable wood sources and toxic free paints, so are perfect for little ones to explore and learn with.

More Newness!

Some fantastic new season styles have arrived in store from Joules and we're loving it!

One of our Favourites!

This beautiful skirt and top from Kite is perfect for summer days out and for special occasions.

Dress it up with some sparkly sandals or pop on a pair of summer pumps for a casual day outfit!

They are both made from lightweight, organic cotton to help keep them comfortable all day long whilst they're enjoying the summer.

That's all from us this month. We hope your little ones enjoy the last couple of weeks at school and hope to see you in store to shop in our fabulous sale soon!

Best wishes from all at

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